Jan 17 2009

Januari WordPress Theme

Another wordpress theme from enesis.org. Designed to transform your weblog into a portal-like site. It shows headline post with its thumbnail on the front page and category summaries on the sidebar that display 6 latest posts from some categories that you set, with its thumbnail of course. This theme is widget ready, the widget can be put on the sidebar that has 2 columns, and you can also put some widget on the footer.


  • 3 columns with fixed width
  • Widget Ready
  • Valid XHTML & CSS
  • Categories dropdown menu
  • Post thumbnail with auto resize feature
  • Gravatar enabled
Januari Theme Demo

Januari Theme Demo


  1. Download and extract the zip file to some place in your computer
  2. Open catsummary.php file, you will see codes like these:

    $display_categories = array(
    array(‘cat_id’ => 31, ‘style’ => ‘background:#327C3C’),
    array(‘cat_id’ => 5, ‘style’ => ‘background:#884232′),

    Now change the category id you will show on the sidebar and some CSS styles for the Category Title.
    You can add as many categories as you want!

  3. Upload all theme files to “/wp-content/themes/” folder on your site
  4. Activate the theme (Admin Panel -> Presentation -> Themes)

Adding a Thumbnail to Your Posts

You can add a thumbnail to all of your posts. This can be done by adding a custom meta data to your post. After you write your post, find the “Custom Fields” box below the editor field. Fill the “field name” field with “post_thumbnail” and the “field value” with an url where the image for the thumbnail is located.

Download Januari WordPress Theme

(The post thumbnail resizer uses the TimThumb library)

Jan 13 2009

Clouds WordPress Theme

Another wordpress theme from enesis.org. With blue and orange colors, and clouds on the background. This theme has a simple look with 2 fixed width columns, and ready for widgets.


  1. 2 columns with fixed width.
  2. Widget ready
  3. Valid XHTML & CSS

Clouds WordPress Theme

Clouds WordPress Theme

Dec 30 2008

Modern Vibrant WordPress Theme

The first wordpress theme I made. With black background mixed with green color.


  • 2 columns with fixed width
  • Widget Ready
  • Valid CSS & XHTML

Modern Vibrant WordPress Theme

Download Modern vibrant Theme

(design concept by:  http://www.blog.spoongraphics.co.uk)

Dec 22 2008

Cara Mengatasi Error “Invalid CTF File Error” Pada AVG 8

AVG 8 Invalid CTF File Notification

Beberapa waktu lalu saya pada saat saya sedang meng-update antivirus saya, AVG 8,  muncul pesan error “Invalid Update Control CTF File”.  Pada mulanya saya mengabaikna notifikasi itu, karena mungkin ini hanya gangguan sementara dari server update AVG.  Namun setelah beberapa hari mencoba melakukan update,  selalu muncul notifikasi pesan yang sama.

Setelah beberapa saat googling,  akhirnya saya menemukan cara untuk mengatasinya di forum milik AVG.

Forum AVG:

You need to rename/remove the CTF temp files in C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataAvg8updatedownload…. Dont delete all the .bin files in there unless you want to re-run all updates since your original installation (reinstallation seems to cause a problem in IEs Link Scanner which causes IE to Crash). Only rename/remove the avginfo files that end with .ctf

AVG 8 Logo

Buka folder  “C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataAvg8updatedownload”, lalu cari file avginfoavi.ctf dan avginfowin.ctf di folder tersebut dan hapus kedua file tersebut. Ingat! Jangan menghapus file selain kedua file tersebut, karena file tersebut adalah file-file hasil update AVG. Menghapus file-file selain kedua file tersebut akan membuat AVG anda harus mengulang seluruh update dari waktu penginstallan pertama kali.

Pada pengguna Windows Vista, kedua file tersebut terdapat di folder “C:ProgramDataavg8updatedownload”.

Dec 21 2008

New Enesis.org

Akhirnya domain ini saya gunakan untuk blog pribadi.